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Colang Models Gallery

Whether you're learning colang, searching for a specific component or just looking for some inspiration, check out this gallery of models.

Featured Models

Say hi to the user
user "Hey! I'm John."
bot "Good afternoon, John!"
bot "I can help you with ..."

Greet the user based on the time of day. Acknowledge their name if provided. Continue with any additional intents if provided.

Repeat last message

Repeat the last bot message to the user on request, on silence and when recovering a flow

Opening Hours
FAQs about opening hours

Tell the user what are the opening and closing hours.

How Many Rooms?
Repair path technique

Technique for a repair path. A good conversation design can save a lot of implementation work ;)

ChitChat Basic
A basic set of chitchat intents
user "are you a bot?"
bot "Indeed I am. I'll be here whenever you need me."
user "Thanks!"
bot "You're welcome. That's what I'm here for."
user "Nice talking to you"
bot "It's nice meeting you, too."

A basic chitchat version including 14 intents.

Defines the "yes"/"no" intents
define user affirm
"of course"

A comprehensive set of examples for the "yes"/"no" intents that you can include in any model.

Choose Timeslot
Timeslot negotiation flows
define user ask availability
entity $datetime as datetime

"what do you have available on $datetime"
"anything $datetime"
"anything available on $datetime"
"what is available"

Interaction with the user to choose a timeslot. Supports making one suggestion at a time.