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This documentation page is still being written.

The Co Framework defines a standard vocabulary both for the user intents and the bot utterances.

User Intents

affirmThe user agrees with the bot."yes", "sure", "that works"
appraisal ...The user makes an assessment of the bot or what was said"you're clever", "this is interesting"
denyThe user disagrees with the bot."no", "i don't think so", etc.
inform ...The user provides some information, usually when asked by the bot"my name is John"
inform nameThe user provides a name, usually when asked by the bot"my name is John"
greeting ...The user greets the bot"hi", "good evening", etc.
goodbyeThe user says goodbye to the bot"bye", "see you soon", etc.
thank_youThe user thanks the bot"thank you", "thanks", etc.
request ...The user makes a specific request and expects the bot to do something"I want to talk to a human", "I want to make a booking"
ask ...The user asks a question and expects an answer"When do you close today?"
choice ...The user makes a choice from the options given by the bot"The first one"

ask capability hearing_check how are you, welfare confirmation definition

request paraphrase, repeat transfer hold abort

inform name instruction problem definition misunderstanding suggestion choice offer

express greeting goodbye, farewell, agreement, affirm, accept, acknowledge, confirmation disagreement, deny, decline, disconfirmation, refusal, reject apologies, feel_sorry appreciation, thanks, gratefulness compliment, appreciation doubt, i dont know insult, offense

Bot Utterances

inform ...The bot provides some information to the user""
ask ...The bot asks some information from the user""
greeting ...The bot greets the user
goodbye ...The bot says goodbye the user
thank_you ...The bot thanks the user for something
appraisal ...The bot makes an assessment of the user or what was said